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NEW! Book Production Services

  • Ebook & Paperback formatting – Starting at $35
  • Book Covers – Starting at $100
  • Book Cover Mockups & Box Sets – Starting at $45
  • Marketing Graphics – Starting at $30

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I will line and content edit the first chapter (or 10 pages, whichever is less) for FREE. This way you can get an idea of what I’ll do for the other services. It’s like the free sample at Costco. You know exactly what you’ll pay for if you request any of my services.

(New Service!) Small Project Editing ($30 for the first 50 words; $0.01/word after that)
This service is perfect for businesses that want professional looking marketing–flyers, ads, business cards, and more. Authors will appreciate it for query letters, back matter critiques and proofreads, marketing, blog posts, and any small project you can think of.

Basic Content Editing ($0.75/page, 12 pt Times, double spaced)
The author will receive an editorial letter addressing large-scale issues with the manuscript, including, but not limited to:
-Plot structure and pacing
-Character and plot continuity
-Believability and research
This is a bird’s eye view of the manuscript. There may be some comments in the manuscript, but the majority will be discussed in the editorial letter.

In Depth Content Editing ($1.25/page, 12 pt. Times, double spaced)
In addition to an editorial letter reviewing the issues in the manuscript as a whole, comments will be made throughout and there will be a scene-by-scene review of
-Plot structure and pacing
-Character and plot continuity
-Believability and research
This service is a much closer look at the manuscript.
* This is not a copyedit/proofread.

Multi-Round Content Editing ($2.25/page, 12 pt. Times, double spaced)
The author and I will edit in rounds until we are both satisfied with the finished product. The first few rounds will focus on a large-scale look at the manuscript. The later rounds will review line-by-line issues. Typically there are 3-4 rounds of editing.
*This is not a copyedit/proofread

Please contact me if you have any questions concerning these rates, for quotes, or if you’d like information on tweaking a plan to fit your needs.

**Manuscripts over 100,000 words will be charged an extra fee.

**The average turn-around time for an edit is 15 business days, though this is not guaranteed. The editing time will not exceed 20 business days. Small Project Editing have a 3 business day turnaround. Expedited editing (less than 10 business days) will be charged an extra fee.

**Please note, I do not offer copyediting or proofreading services. Line edits are close up content edits of the manuscript, not a copyedit or proofread.

Terms & Conditions

When the author and editor have agreed upon a service and time frame, a $30 deposit shall be delivered with the manuscript to the editor. (Payable via PayPal). Editing on the manuscript will not start until the deposit is received. The timeline (either 20 or 10 business days) will begin from the date the deposit is received.

If, within the first three chapters, the manuscript calls for significantly heavy edits, the editor may return the manuscript to the author for initial revision. Once the author has completed the recommended revisions and returned the manuscript to the editor, the editor will finish editing the manuscript. If the manuscript calls for significantly heavy revision, the editor retains the right to return the manuscript in PDF form (as opposed to .doc or .docx).

Once the editor has finished editing the manuscript, the editor will notify the author. When full payment has been made, the editor will return the edited manuscript to the author within two business days.

The editor retains the right to discontinue editing services at any time during the editing process. In such cases the editor will inform the author as to the reasons. The author will not be charged the full price of the editing service. In such cases, if fifty pages or more have been edited and returned to the author, the editor will retain the $30 deposit fee. If fifty pages or less have been returned to the author, the $50 deposit may be refunded.

Contact the editor with any questions or concerns about these terms.

Any special requests or changes to these terms must be made clear before sending the $30 deposit and manuscript to the editor. By sending the editor the $30 deposit and the manuscript to be edited, the author accepts these outlined terms.

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