Love in Little River Series

Roxy’s Song | Book One

Sweetly Us | September 2019

The night Tag Turner claimed he loved Roxy Adams and begged her to follow him to Nashville to live his dream, she sent him packing since she knew it couldn’t be real. Even if he did insist he’d been singing his love to her for years. 

Eight years later, Tag, now a famous country star, rolls back into small town Little River hoping for one more shot at winning his high school crush. But Roxy loves her quiet, country life on her family’s ranch—a life that doesn’t have room for someone who can’t buy coffee without national media attention. 

Not ready to give up, Tag stays in Little River to work on his next album and convince the woman he loves to give him a chance. Will Roxy ever trust his feelings are real and not just lyrics in a song?

Dating Dru | Book Two

Sweetly Us | December 2019 | Formerly Her Country Christmas Date

Is ten days, twelve dates, and a little magic enough for happily ever after?

Dru North has far more substance than the party-boy reputation given to him by the media, which is why a quiet holiday in Little River is just what he needs. From the moment he meets Amber Miller, who’s staying across the hall, sparks fly, and a magical Christmas party leads to an impulsive kiss.

While Dru is eager to get to know Amber during the quiet vacation, she’s wary of his reputation and his riches. She challenges him to take her on twelve dates before she’ll consider their relationship anything more than a holiday fling—a feat given the fact that she’s only in town for ten days.

Amidst the big family holiday Dru has always dreamed of having, Amber finds herself trusting with every “date” that Dru isn’t the bad-boy she thought him to be. But his insistence that this can be more than a holiday fling has Amber worried about the future. Dru’s a famous country star with money to burn, and she’s just a teacher. Are their worlds too far apart for a happily ever after when the Christmas magic is over?

Catching Coy | Book Three

Sweetly Us | January 2020

From the moment Coy Jones lays eyes on Bellamy Hansen, he knows he’s falling in love. Despite the sparks flying between the two, there’s one problem: Bellamy is not one of the eight women competing for Coy’s heart on the popular dating reality show, The Catch. She’s the manager of the trendy Ranch House bed and breakfast where the show is set this season in the small town of Little River. 

Amidst their fast-growing friendship, he finds himself turning to Bellamy for advice about the women who are on the show. Bellamy knows it’s a terrible idea to fall for him, especially if she doesn’t want to lose the trust of The Ranch House’s exclusive clientele, yet she can’t seem to help herself.

Eager to see if what they have is real, Coy convinces Bellamy to join the contestants in a competition for his heart. Suddenly she’s fighting for him amidst jealousy, drama and lies, and more than one woman there for the wrong reasons. With the pressure of the show, both of them can’t help wondering, did they toss their hearts in the ring only to have them shattered?

Hallie’s Hero – Book Four

Sweetly Us | April 2020

Nash Roberts secretly writes fan-fiction scripts for his favorite TV show, He Spies, She Spies. That is, until a well-meaning friend submits one of the scripts to a contest and Nash wins. His secret is out and everyone in Little River is talking about him even more than when he stepped aside so his ex could run off with a country music star.

Actress Hallie Butler will do pretty much anything to save her struggling show, and that includes filming in the small town of Little River and doing photo-ops with the nerd who wrote the winning script. Except the writer is no nerd. He’s a sweet, hunky doctor embarrassed about his hobby.

As the two get to know each other, Hallie’s convinced she’s found her movie-worthy happily ever after, until a twisted online story comes between them. Will Nash learn from his past and fight for the woman he loves, or is Hallie better off if he walks away?

June’s Forever – Book Five

Businesswoman and billionaire June St. Clair is ready for her next project—getting married.

She’s been a widow for five years, and even though she knows she’s not going to fall head-over-heels in love again, she wants to move on. Inspired by the success of her favorite basketball player on the TV show , The Catch , she sets up interviews to find the perfect guy and lands herself in Little River to seal the deal with the frontrunner. What she finds is the perfect partnership … just not with who she expected.

After an unfortunate accident at the local diner, Littler River’s police chief, Wyatt Call ends up with a concussion and possibly a hallucination in the form of June’s late husband Lucas. Though he and Lucas were roommates in college, they had long ago lost touch. That doesn’t stop his “ghost” from advising Wyatt on exactly how to woo June. As June and Wyatt’s relationship progresses, she begins to believe she might have a chance at real love again, but Wyatt can’t keep it a secret that he had help from her dead husband. When he tells her the truth, can she believe he’s more than just Lucas’s replacement?

Addy’s Prince Charming – Book Six

A sweet, royal romance in the magical town of Little River.

Addy has watched many fairytale couples fall in love at her diner, so she can’t help swooning when her very own Prince Charming walks in. As in, a literal prince, Tristan Barclay. But she can’t bring herself to believe they have a real future, especially with her brother’s concerns over the prince’s intentions, even if Tristan’s knock-out smile keeps pulling her in.

Tristan is under orders from the queen to find a wife after his sister’s disastrous marriages threaten to destabilize Ladraux, the small, European country whose throne he will someday inherit. His mother, enamored with Little River’s reputation of being a place where people fall in love, sends him to the charming small town with a list of titled, respectable women for him to choose from and then invite to Little River to court. Instead, Tristan finds himself wanting to spend more and more time with the beautiful diner owner, Addy.

As Tristan and Addy grow closer, someone seems intent on destroying Addy’s reputation in the media and tearing the couple apart. Will Addy’s own fairytale have a happily ever after like those of her friends, or is it destined to be just another might-have-been?

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