I grew up filling notebooks, and later little square computer disks, with words, and devouring as many books as I could as well. My tastes ranged from Nancy Drew to The Babysitter’s Club to Chronicles of Narnia. I read every Mary Higgins Clark and Victoria Holt book my small-town library had.

Today my writing and reading tastes are still scattered across a spectrum. My novels, Playing for Keeps, Double Play, and Love, Jane are contemporary romance novels, along with my novelette Goodnight Kiss and Wouldn’t it Be Nice, featured in the Timeless Romance Anthology: Road Trip Collection. My newest novel, Beneath the Bellemont Sky and my novellas A Lady and a Spy and A Contemptible Affection are historical romances. I’m currently querying a young adult, lite sci-fi titled, Kissing a Superhero and I’ve co-written with Kaylee Baldwin two YA contemporary romances that are Jane Austen retellings.

In a house overrun by boys, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I love football and enjoy watching (and playing!) other sports as well, like basketball and baseball. Raising three rambunctious boys can sometimes cut in on both my writing and my real-life romance with my own Mr. Charming/Superhero, but I manage a little of both most of the time.

I love wearing flip-flops, cheering for my Cougars, and eating hamburgers and fries – but no pickles please!

You can follow me on Twitter @RaneeSClark or check out my Facebook page.


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