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Signed copy of “Addy’s Prince Charming: Love in Little River Book 6.” Price includes shipping!

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A prince bent on finding a wife. A small town with a high success rate for love. The diner owner, who’s most certainly not on the approved list.

Addy has watched many fairytale couples fall in love at her diner, so she can’t help swooning when her very own Prince Charming walks in. As in, a literal prince: Tristan Barclay. But she can’t bring herself to believe they have a real future, especially with her brother’s concerns over the prince’s intentions–even if Tristan’s knockout smile does keep pulling her in.

Tristan is under orders from the queen to find a wife after his sister’s disastrous marriages threatens to destabilize Ladraux, the small, European country whose throne he will someday inherit. His mother, enamored with Little River’s reputation of being a place where people fall in love, sends him to the charming small town with a list of titled, respectable women for him to choose from. Instead, Tristan finds himself wanting to spend more time with the beautiful diner owner, Addy.

As Tristan and Addy grow closer, someone seems intent on destroying Addy’s reputation and tearing the couple apart. Will Addy’s own fairytale have a happily ever after like those of her friends, or is it destined to be just another might-have-been?

A sweet royal romance set in the small town of Little River! For fans of clean romance and romantic comedy with heart.


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